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good end to the week


home with fam, bottle of cab merlot and just finished off some gourmet pizza... and changed a nappy (luckily after dinner, unluckily not numero uno).

so thank god that week's over. and finished proof reading the report that's been written and edited since october last year - that's like 9 months now. it's almost ready to be born as the official thing. sent it off and got the hell outta there at 1830, worth dealing with that and not letting it hover into making monday morning more of a horror than it needs to be...

now just gotta read a bedtime story, ease the little beast to sleep and then relax some more. i really can't believe it's actually the weekend. i've just run out of anything meaningful/meaningless to say. dinga dinga dang a dang a long ling long

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Back @ work then...

yep, the reality shock it was

well, that's possibly going a bit too far. but it was a long day with lots of stuff going on. never dull, that's for sure.

so today i did some real travel - driving ca. 18 km to parkville and 18 km back home again. through thick fog this morning, it was apparently something like 5 degrees this morning at 7.30am. and about 100 m visibility. had to deal with lots of other cars on the way home tonight, even though it's school holidays. why can't all those other fricken ppl get their acts' together and get home at a decent time, to spend time with their kiddos so that i can get the hell home pronto when my stoopid 200 L of filtering finally finishes? geez people!

glad i did the drop by the local store/bottleo on the way home. a nice white with dinner, especially after the day's travail and the two previous dry nights due to vino depletion. and i'm crapping on far too much right now and will end this here

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2nd Day of Rest

...ramblings leading onto random musical musings

15 °C

Well, i did get the dreaded haircut today, and it's not too bad, and a whole lot better than the 'before' boofhead look.

had to get up to feed my screaming daughter vegemite on toast "toe, mite" at 5.30 this morning, that wasn't the best start to the day, but then at least she happily went back to bed, and so did i and got a sleep in 'til 9 i think. pretty good.

then just had another lazy day playing with the little one, watching some kids' TV or "tee-bee!" which is hard not to watch, thankfully we didn't catch any of the dreaded wiggles. jees they suck.

listened to some massive attack, eyvind kang and keith jarrett. very chilled. even came up with a heavy rock-ish bassy riff on my dodgy elec i leave in the lounge (bc rich mockingbird). haven't played much guit in weeks now, have just felt too drained to bother. but it's good, even just a little bit to get some ideas, record them and get back to them later, work em into a song.

yeah, so now i'm just chillin like bob dylan, having a green tea and thinking i should read a bit before trying to get an early night... but they never happen. i did try to get to sleep at like 10.30 a week ago, and just couldn't. was falling asleep on the couch downstairs, but after relocating upstairs, and brushing my teeth, etc, just got nowhere. i hate that. so i might crap on about somethign on my other blog. my more serious blog which is just stupid fun. there's this thing i was going to write about albums which are different to listen to/ get into at first, but which can be very rewarding after a few listens and open-mindedness. i was thinking stuff like Ween's early work, Faxed Head (well, not for all people), Shinjuku Thief, some John Zorn, Mr. Bungle, but more those 'strange' albums - like extreme ambience or noise or glitch sounds, collages, improvisation, and lo-fi garage rock, etc - which make you question their worth as a medium of enjoyment or art or whatever. i started writing some of this to throw it all down in a sort of stream of consciousness, while i thought of it, and it made me think of albums that were controversial or deliberately different but that don't work for me. where eg. avant garde just equals shit. unlike in my own home recordings, where everything is of the highest musical calibre!

i'm not even sure why i started writing this blog. it was a spur of the moment thing which was to joke about not actually traveling. but it's helped to crystallise some ideas in my head, in the way writing anythign down does. and it's just different to write here and just feel free, not that i had many readers of my other blog, but i do find this empty slate refreshing.

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Day of Rest

...yet still in Melbourne

Today was a lazy day, even by Lazy Day standards. I was going to say that i didn't even leave the house, but then remembered i did get Thai takeaway - green curry chicken, pud takai prawns, deep fried vegetables, satay chicken (mostly for my daughter) and rice. so it was *almost* like being in Thailand...

So today was a well-earned rest, following Day of Cleaning yesterday, which included fun activities like mopping, vacuuming, and general organisation of random items, mostly comprising toys. it's great to see carpet again. then we had a great lamb roast dinner and a good friend over to share that and lots of interesting music with - from South African rap to flamenco.

yeah, it's been the perfect weekend to help get over two more pretty ordinary weeks at work. normally work's hectic and full on, but lately it's been so much that it's been a real drain outside of work, in that way where it's just hard to snap out of the manic vibe and the feeling that you have to get a lot of stuff done and can't forget to do like 20 things before the day's over, or else... and i hate that. it's times like these you need a good holiday to wind down, but at least i've got another day off tomorrow.

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Yep, well, i'm stuck here in NE melbourne suburbia

(it's a true story)

had two pretty ordinary weeks of workin' hard, comedies of errors and lots of last minute alterations. fun! wish i was on holiday like the slackers blogging on this site from exotic locations. it's been freaking below 10 degrees here some days recently (or pretty close at least).

might go grocery shopping tomorrow. wont go and visit any intriguing mountain tribes, drink some bizarre wine or climb down a tunnel, although i guess i could go and visit some weirdo market up in the dandenong hills, get sick on some chilli wine and investigate the stormwater/creek thing under the eastern freeway... hmmm. or i COULD just chill like bob dyl at home with fam. tough one.

can't even imagine traveling OS for years to come yet, with this having a lil' un and all, but that's a different sort of fun. we could do a NZ trip, of course, but that's just like going to another state. awesome place, that, though. so all youse out there that can get away - i say do it! seize the ticket!

might get back to that other 'web log' that i occasionally amuse myself with and rant about something musical...
wigitty wack yo

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